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Not fade over time, a simple and beautiful memory traces
IU (IU) Special remake mini-album "Flower Bookmark>

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  • Product Title : Flower Mark (Special Remake Mini Album)
  • Singer Name(s) : IU
  • Language : Korean
  • Disc Formats(s) : CD

Shake off the dust from the old library book out every one. Bookmark to turn over one by one, like a bookcase fitted faded to find a four leaf clover and sometimes petals. A long time ago someone would have heartily present a simple and beautiful trail. Also underlined that each page in a memorable phrase. These "Flower Bookmark" is going these days, more and more short-lived romance with old analog showing the sensitivity of the three young men may have been one of the symbols of culture.

Not fade over time , for once again I want to remove traces of memories through the generations . IU (IU) of this special mini-album in the music of the previous generation of such a " Flower Bookmark ' to discover out and do it again as a reminder of your own voice and sensibility to present listeners that the current generation of meaning. The songs on this album are the usual old IU two favorite songs for the first time when I found that I had never thought I feel like throbbing gift selection was to remind yourself , as much as possible while I am taking advantage of the sensitivity of the original song , but the color of a compromise nokyeonae was to proceed in the direction of the remake.

"Flower Bookmark > In the meantime , through broadcasting, introduced acoustic guitar cover several topics like that made IU's analog sensibility and has been present for many fans , stimulating a long time to appreciate the music in the middle of the back to the meaning of the classics once an opportunity to provide a reminder of music will be.